Project: Be Vegan for one month

Hello everyone,

as you may know I live vegetarian for over than 10 years and I'm cooking a lots of vegan food. But I never managed to live totally vegan. I know about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and also about the criticism. But trough reading a lot about it and know amazing people who live vegan, I decided to give it a try. For now, I decided to live vegan for a month. I'm curious about the effect on my body and my mind. I know, that it isn't easy to live vegan, especially when you're out for dinner or cooking together with family and friends.
But for now I´m motivated and happy about my decision. So let's start this! I will share my experience with you and some new vegan meals I want to cook. If you have any tipps for me, or if you want to join my project, I would make me very happy!
Love, Sarah

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