It's Pancake Sunday!

Hello my lovelies,

Sunday is always a special day for me. It means a lazy day, staying in bed, reading books, the smell of coffee and talking with my family and friends. And it's always the time for a long breakfast. And most of the times, Sunday is Pancake Sunday! Actually I like every kind of pancakes, the thinner ones, like we have them here in Germany, the very thin ones, like they have it in France (yummie, I actually love Crepes!) and of course the really thick ones like they have it in North America. I think, when I'll come to Canada someday, the first thing I´m going to do is eat pancakes with maple syrup (of course while I'm wearing a lumberjack shirt - sorry for the stereotypes :D )
So I thought it is time to share with you one of my personal pancake recipes. This one is for thick ones, because I love to build Pancake Stacks!

(for 2 persons)

1 cup oat flour (or whole wheat flour)
1 egg (or 1 flax egg)
1 cup milk of your choice
1 small ripe banana
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp cinnamon

Oil of your choice


First mash your banana, then mix it with the egg and the milk. In another bowl combine the dry ingredients (Flour, baking powder and cinnamon). Now combine the wet and the dry ingrendients and mix it well until everything is combined. The consistetency should be fairly thick, if  it isn't,  add more milk or more flour. If the dough is to liquid you won't get "thick pancakes".

Now heat a oil of your choice (I recommend coconut oil) in a frying pan. When the oil has heated up, pour about 4-5 tablespoons in the center of your pan and form your favorite pancake shape. Let it cook until bubbles are beginning to come up on the top of your pancake. Then flip it over and cook it for another few minutes.

Et voila, we're ready for a great pancake breakfast! I love to eat my breakfast with fresh fruits (especially blueberries of course) and yes chocolate sauce! Yummie!

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  1. <3 Have to try it! I have Pancake Saturday, though :D Looks the same...lazy, yummy morning. Coffe, books or fav show. It's some kind of reward in the end of entire week :D